DISCOnnect – “Disco Lab”

A co-worker and I are currently in the process of using some old equipment to create what he dubbed – the “Disco Lab” 

This will be used to simulate some networking issues for test purposes with our mobile devices and native applications.

Ideally we would like to simulate the following:

  • -Man in the middle attacks
  • -Established connections with hangups
  • -Low/bad connectivity
  • -Packet loss
  • -Packet modifications
  • -Firewall issues

Currently we will be using:

  • Dell Latitude D610 (with an Intel PCI wireless card)
  • Linksys WRT54GL Wireless Router

I will give more information and setup instructions once this is completed.


Last year today, was the longest day of my life. I can still remember exactly how the events transpired that ultimately led me to experience a loss so massive and sudden my entire world was shaken. Before August 1st 2012 I really never knew what it meant to lose someone so sudden and so close, for the first 25 years of my life I could only imagine how it would feel to lose someone so precious that it was hardly a thought in my head. Thinking back on the times before, I felt what could be described as a false sense of security. While we all know death is inevitable, I would have never imagined it could have come to my family and me this soon.

I had just returned from a vacation to Jamaica and in the middle of moving looking forward to both my parents coming down to MD for the weekend to see it. I remember sitting down on my office chair (my empty room with just 1 or 2 boxes left) when I got the call that would put me on edge for the next 230+ miles and 4+ hour drive I took from MD to NJ not knowing whether he was okay or not. All I could think about are the “what ifs” and to just hold on to some hope. Both my mother and brother purposely did not tell me anything for the fear of me losing it at 90+MPH but that omission of information only led me to one simple conclusion. I had lost one of the most important person in my life, my father.

One year later and I am still affected by how shattered my world was, yet I was determined to not let this bring me to a dark path. I don’t think I could be where I am today if it wasn’t for all the love and support my family and I received. I want to thank my co-workers for being there; taking my work without question and easing my return back after having been gone for almost a month. Family who helped us when we needed it, and my immediate family that continues to support one another even with a big void that we can never fill. My friends that showed there support taking time out of their schedules to visit me and my family, for the warm gifts, the supportive cards, the texts/calls, and for everyone who supported my choice to abstain from any alcohol or any substance that would’ve alter my mind. Despite the pain a clear mind is what I needed for a couple of months.

While “life does go on” I have not forgotten about him, and never will. I still think of him day in and day out. I loved him, and will continue to strive to make him proud with my choices, accomplishments and character that I could only hope comes close to the kind of man he was…


As a college graduate with a CS degree I sometimes look back and talk about the languages we learned to code on. For me we started with C++, C and assembler (the standard) and eventually moved on to Java. It was not until my last semester in college were I finally got my hands on a language called C#. I remember signing up for the class excited only knowing that C# was very similar to Java but Microsoft based. After learning a semesters worth of stuff in C# I actually love it! I loved it so much my internship after college was .NET based, I was a QA Tester but I actually did some code review in C#. I then landed my first real gig as a .NET developer working on C#, MS SQL and HTML for a company I still work for today. In the past 3 years I learned a lot and C# has grown to a language that I would still love to code on. However, now that I am moving to Objective-C and Java I find that I wish i knew all the tricks I learned with C#. Whether the kinds methods that are available to me or how to interact with the IDE to do searches and debugging.

I will include some items in another tab that will give you the same options for all 3 IDE’s. While this will serve as a quick reference to me I hope it will also help others transition from one platform to another.

TFS and Sprints!

For the first time I get to use TFS for source control and work orders. I am also currently on my first sprint (no not actual running) which is pretty refreshing from the norm I have been accustomed to which is the horror of VSS. Rather than access the code and WO’s from 2 locations I can now access them directly from the IDE or on a web browser.

I plan to start using TFS for my own personal projects source control rather than SVN, and now I never intended or have used VSS at home. Now if only I can find a nice plug-in for TFS with XCode…

KISS Principle

Keep it Simple Stupid… I’m sure you’ve heard of that phrase before, so have I, yet I keep forgetting why it’s so important. Take a big project for example, would you be able to get the entire thing done all by yourself in one shot? No way! So why would I think that I can do that with a blog on WordPress? Granted WordPress has made a lot of things easier but the site itself is something I still have to learn. So in the spirit of learning I am going to keep this blog as simple as possible and iterate as needed.

On a side note I am pretty excited for this new opportunity to showcase the things I will be learning with the new position and the Mobile World! Its gonna be fast, new, exciting, and yes at times unforgiving.. but I will take the good times with the bad.